Friday, 3 January 2014

The Vrij Technisch Instituut Brugge (VTI)

The Vrij Technisch Instituut Brugge (VTI) is a technical and vocational school on secondary and adult level education in the following fields: a) Mechanics; b) Electricity; c) Automotive; d) Woodwork; e) Graphics and printing; f) Building, and g) painting. VTI has an initial teacher training programme for teachers in technical and vocational education (BA Edu Sc).  With more than 1.700 students on secondary level and more than 1.750 adults that take courses it is one of the biggest schools in Flanders, Belgium in the industrial technical and vocational field.
We plan the experiences of teachers and adult students in order they can notice their own experiences, problems and proposals so that we have a more transparency of results.  We will take an active role in this partnership project to enhance the mobility of disadvantaged adult learners through improved language,ICT and other communications and confidence building skills.

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