Saturday, 18 January 2014

Huércal-Overa Woman Centre

Huércal-Overa Woman Centre, was created in 1991 by an agreement between Andalusian Woman Institute and Huércal-Overa Town Hall, that it is still operative. In fact, it is a Council department, having  the Andalusian Woman Institute a funded and supervised role.
              The team consists: a social worker-coordinator, a lawyer and an employment adviser , and a councillor (politician boss).
             Our main roles are : to attend to women with various problems such as domestic violence, gender discrimination, unemployment;  as well as to organize events raising awareness of equality for different groups such as education, health, associations (women, mothers / parents, neighbors ...)
 Depending on the activity programme and the budget, there are several trainers working in these areas (IT, English, Employment Searching and Guidance, Relaxation, Dancing, Handicraft, Painting,…). The team´s members also work as trainers.
 From 1995 to 2006, we had  a programme called Guidance, Training for Women Employment, funded by European Social Fund, which basically consisted: training activities, support and guidance, advice and information. It was targeted to those women away from the labor market and lacked accurate information to make their personal project, through the job search, either paid employment or self-employment.
 From 2007 till 2013, we have had a similar and improved program called Women Employment Unit, also funded by European Social Fund, and focused on  specific programs at the local level aimed at developing actions to improve the employability of women in general, but with special attention to special groups such as the Roma women, immigrants, the disabled and rural. This program also adds value to the promotion of self-employment, highlighting both the entrepreneurial spirit socially and in the workplace.
After 21 years working, the woman centre is in a comprehensive exchange time, and we could collaborate in projects related to formal, non formal and informal education; activities to include an egalitarian  perspective  of a world, where women and men share responsibilities and opportunities. Besides, we are promoting women volunteering, in order to mobilize women and to make our contribution visible.

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