Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Indalita Tale


Once upon a time, in a Spanish town named Huércal-Overa, there was a young girl, Indalita.  She used to live in the family's farm house (cortijo) with her grandmother and twin brothers.  One day, tired of her daily routine of working in the farm to make ends meet, Indalita decided to look for new opportunities in life.

She started by making an appointment at the Women Council of the town where she got some information about a job advertised in infojobs website :  A dynamic and intelligent woman who knows her town very well was required to amaze a group of visitors coming from Poland, England, Belgium, and Portugal with Huércal-Overa's culture.  Indalita immediately accepted the challenge, thinking about the help she could get from her grandmother since this lady had a vast knowledge of ancient facts of the town.

Following her grandmother's advice, she visited the remains of their former house, and there.... she made an exciting discovery:  an old diary containing some secrets and legends of the town.  Among these stories:

·The Church, Nuestra Señora de la Asunción:  During the Civil War, it was used as a garage!!!
·A hidden tunnel that leads to the Castle is llikely to exist.
·Piedras rajadas (riven stones): a natural monument, it was used as a refugee during the Civil War.
·Urtal's Fortress: located between Urcal and Nieva, there we find several ancient fountains.
·The Holy Week: During the Civil War, the image of the Virgen del Rio was kept in a grave so as not to be destroyed.

On her way back home, the girl took advantage to go to the town's market, there, at a women clothes'  stall she met Namith, nice young Senegalese man who worked there.   They became more than friends and Indalita wanted to visit the Castle along with Namith, so she decided to make an appointment with Luna, the Castle´s guide.   But Luna didn´t appear, then, Indalita and Namith got lost on their way to the Castle.  While they were wandering around , Namith told her some Senegalese legends and stories he knew by heart, and Indalita told him about “La noche de las lumbres” (the night of the fires), and “The Tree of Life” … and time went by..... it was already night …. the moon and the stars lightened  their path …. and love made the rest....

Many days passed and the lovers had walks in the park, the promenade named Alameda, they swam in the pool, and also went to the town´s Fair where Namith was able to know the delicious local food such as:
·Migas ( cooked dough made of flour, water, salt and oil)
·Ajo colorao (potatoes, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, saffron)
·Pelotas (balls made of meat, onion, chick peas, etc)
·Gurullos ( wheat, meat, onion, olive oil, saffron, peppers)
·Buñuelos (wheat flour, olive oil, water, salt, anise)

A few days after, Indalita realized she was pregnant, so she decided to take the bull by the horns and told her grandma about her situation.  As the granny was an old-fashioned lady, she became upset and went straight to the Church, looking for the priest´s advice.  Afterwards, still uneasy, she went to the Women Council of the Town where the people helped her to understand that her grandaughter´s situation wasn´t that bad.  On the contrary, it was a great opportunity to get closer to Namith.

Meanwhile, Indalita was working hard on her new job´s project.  When the moment arrived, she was able to show the visitors:

·The Town Hall
·The House of the Four Towers
·The Church Nuestra Señora de la Asunción
·Cura Valera´s Monument and House
·Arch´s Street
·El Pósito (formerly a barn)
·The ancient Casino
·Several Ermitas (hermitage)
·The former train station

The grandmother started to appreciate Namith since he was nice and hardworker, he always did his best to help in the farm.  Day by day, they all built a new, loving, and united family.  And the day the Holy Week´s processions started, Indalita gave birth to Macarena.

And they lived happy ever after..... and ate prickle pears.....  TO BE CONTINUED.....

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